Corpus Christi College Maroubra is currently undertaking major building works to develop and maintain high-quality, well-designed learning facilities.
Champagnat College Pagewood Hall

The Hermitage Hall

This is the main multi-purpose area of the college. It is used as a hall, entertainment space, sacred/liturgical space, assembly area, sports/training area, examination hall, meeting space and showcase venue.  The Hermitage houses extensive AV equipment, toilets, showers, gymnasium and kitchen.

Specialist Classrooms

Classrooms are being developed to allow for collaborative learning with breakout spaces, modern facilities encouraging group work, peer teaching and learning. 

Science Laboratories

Our contemporary, newly refurbished facilities provide students with the perfect environment to actively engage in hands-on learning, fostering their ability to explore science theory from a creative lens.

Music Studios

The music studio consists of one main classroom with performance space and four smaller practice rooms where students can work independently to develop their skills.

Art Studio

There are two well resourced art studio’s at the college,  equipped with the necessary elements to instill in students a love of art. The studio spaces allow for  students to develop their skills and technique, create, learn and be inspired.

Champagnat College Pagewood Library

Learning Centre

Our well appointed learning centre is largely open plan with five GLA’s and flexible furniture to encourage collaboration and creation, while also affording students the opportunity for independent study.


Our technology facilities allow students to use their imagination to design, develop, create and produce works.  Subject offerings include Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, Stem, Engineering, Hospitality and Construction.

Basketball Court

The outdoor basketball court has a synthetic surface. It is a multipurpose area for sport, outdoor assemblies, meetings and student recreation.

Corpus Christi College Maroubra


Students have access to the college canteen prior to classes, at recess and lunch. They can order online or purchase as per normal. The canteen is a third party business that is regularly tended, under the responsibility of the college business manager. 

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

At our College, students have access to a cutting-edge boasting stainless steel benches, commercial kitchen, dishwasher, espresso machine and combi oven. The kitchen boasts stainless steel fixtures, commercial  dishwasher, and even an espresso coffee machine. This state-of-the-art facility provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in their culinary studies within a professional commercial environment. It offers a realistic setting for students to hone their skills, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in the culinary industry.



The library at our College serves as a dynamic hub that offers a versatile environment for students to meet, collaborate, conduct research, learn, share, and unwind. Our staff foster a reading culture and strive to enhance information literacy throughout the school.

TAS practical rooms

TAS practical rooms

The College provides students with valuable opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences within our well-equipped Workshops. Through this, students have the chance to develop essential skills in designing, planning, and constructing a variety of functional and high-quality items. 

Year 7 Playground

Year 7 playground

A dedicated playground specifically designed for Year 7 students. This vibrant and engaging playground features a spacious area covered with astro turf and solid surface, providing a safe and comfortable environment for students to play and interact. The playground includes ample space for handball courts and seating areas for socialising. The playground features a shaded area, providing protection from the sun and creating a comfortable space for students to gather and engage in outdoor activities.

Year 12 Study Area

Year 12 study area

The Senior Study Area is dedicated space where students can study and collaborate effectively. With extended hours until 5 pm from Monday to Wednesday, and 4:30 pm on Thursdays, students are encouraged to take advantage of this resource after school. In this inviting and conducive environment, students can work on assignments, study notes, and collaborate with peers, fostering a culture of peer teaching and productive teamwork. The Senior Study Area serves as a valuable hub where students can maximise their productivity and ensure they complete their academic tasks before heading home.

Champagnat College Pagewood Heffron Park

Heffron Park

Located behind the college is Heffron Park. Spread over 44 hectares the park comprises sporting fields, netball courts and tennis courts. There are many sports fields located within Heffron Park which are used for a variety of sports including netball, rugby league, rugby union, soccer, hockey and tennis.